Produced Work

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Dir. Andrew Morgan, 2019

An immigrant, single mother Ana goes to any lengths to ensure her daughter lives a better life than hers, even if it means robbing a few banks.

An Official Selection of the 2019 New York Latino Film Festival, Long Gone By tells the story of Ana and Isabella, mother and daughter living in small-town Indiana. When economic pressure threatens Isabella’s future at college, Ana sees the life she wished for her daughter slipping away. And with Ana’s possible deportation looming, she has nothing to lose, and will secure her daughter’s future by any means necessary.

Long Gone By explores the intersection of what it means to be an immigrant, a mother, and an American.

Spec Work

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A farmer is forced to choose sides when two kids orphaned by the bordering war land on her doorstep.

Set in a near-future, in a small Appalachian valley, a Farmer lives a solitary life. The bordering war doesn’t bother her, so long as she can stay out of it. Rebels and soldiers alike can play cat-and-mouse in the hills just outside her land, so long as she stays out. But when two children show up on her door, hunted by a capable and charismatic commander, her neutrality is challenged, and she’s forced to decide the cost of her deeply held beliefs.

The Last Farm is a story about the dangers of blind belief, the illusion of neutrality, and a warning about the things we cling to.

The Last Farm was a selected screenplay for the Fall 2019 Stowe Story Labs Narrative Lab.


Other Work


To clear his name from his brother’s murder, ex-con Jason must aid a team of thieves who can control other people’s bodies.


When Persia threatens Greece, Athenian statesman Themistocles orchestrates the two opposing forces into an unwanted naval battle in the narrow straits of Salamis.


On a circus train through 1863 Europe, Phillip is conscripted into an acrobatic team of thieves who double as circus performers and must decide whether or not to go through with their most dangerous heist yet.


Thomas is the son of a powerful politician who is leading the charge against the growing werewolf population, but when Thomas is bit by a werewolf he must go underground to avoid execution and find a cure.



A systems malfunction renders the world’s fastest spaceship unable to stop and the captain of the five person crew must rally them together to survive before the ship crashes into a star at the speed of light. 


A father spins a fantastical tale to distract his terminal daughter from her impending death.